Panama Canal Cruise - Days 5 and 6

Day 5 on our cruise was another relaxing day at sea. You start to lose track of the days after a while, but Holland America has an interesting way of keeping their passengers in touch with time - every elevator had a rug that announced the day of the week. You'd be surprised how much we came to rely on those rugs!

That night was a formal night in the dining room, so Ted and I dressed up for the occasion. I thought you might like to see a picture of what we look like when we're clean and presentable.

On Day 6, we docked in Hualtulco, Mexico. It was a beautiful sunny day, 97 degrees and humid. We discovered that a blizzard was raging back home, so we really enjoyed the heat. Hualtulco is a pretty little village, with nine beautiful bays. We saw four of them. We boarded an open-air (i.e. hot, sweaty, stinky) truck and drove up into the forest to the Copalita river for a rafting trip. Unbelievably beautiful! We boarded the ship after a long day, favorably impressed by Hualtulco. I'd like to visit there again.