Who was that masked man???

For my message on the Name of Jesus last week, I closed with an illustration I found online while researching names. As far as I can tell, it's a true story.

Jean Frederick Oberlin was a minister in 18th century Germany. One day while he was traveling by foot in winter, he was caught in a snowstorm. The wind blew and whirled, and he lost his way. At one point it looked very likely he would not survive, but would freeze to death there on the side of the road.

When things looked the worst, a man came along in a wagon and rescued Oberlin. He took him to the next village, found an inn, and made sure he was warm, dry, and fed. He wouldn't let Oberlin pay him back.

When the man got ready to leave, Oberlin said, "If you won't let me pay you back, at least tell me your name so that I can thank God for you in my prayers."

The man, who by now had recognized Oberlin, replied, "You are a minister. What wasthe name of the Good Samaritan?"

Oberlin said, "Well, I don't know. The Bible doesn't tell us his name."

The man smiled and said, "Then please permit me to withhold my name as well."

Today, my friend, I pray you’ll find opportunities not to honor your own name, but to honor the name of Jesus.