Praying Psalm 77 - Unseen Footprints

This morning I was treated to another enlightening session during my exercise of praying through the Psalms. Psalm 77 begins with the cries of someone who feels that the Lord has abandoned him. He wonders if God has turned away from him, and doubts if God loves him anymore. I can identify with the Psalmist. At times in my life, I’ve felt alone, abandoned by God, bereft of His mercy and love.

Beginning in verse 10, the Psalmist does something important – he makes a determined effort to remember times when God has been close to him. He meditates on God’s works, on times when God has shown His power on this man’s behalf, and on behalf of his people. The next several verses recount God’s dramatic miracles on behalf of the children of Israel.

I try to do the same, but it’s hard! Even though I know God has blessed me and my family, there have been very few dramatic miracles in my life that I can meditate on. God’s way of interacting with me has always been quieter. It’s been less obvious who the Source of the healing was, or the Giver of the gift, or the One who opened the door. Do those times count? Just once I’d like to see the Red Sea part before me, so I have something dramatic to remember.

Then I read verse 19 – “Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.”

Aha! God has done mighty things for me. He has blessed me abundantly. He has guided me from place to place. He has delivered me and those I love from danger and despair, protected me, comforted me, encouraged me, given me meaningful work to do and then the ability to do it well. His footprints aren’t always seen, but I know He paved the path and set my feet on it.

Thank you, Lord, for your mighty works in my life. Help me to recognize your presence, and give you the credit you so richly deserve. When I feel alone, open my eyes to see you there.