Book Review - Petra

Petra, City in Stone

by T. L. Higley

Cassia is a young mother thrown into a desperate situation when her abusive and secretive husband is killed. She journeys to Petra, a breathtaking city literally carved into the rocky cliffs, hoping to find the boy’s relatives. She does, but they’re not what she expected – and they’re not happy to discover Alexander’s existence. Cassia is helpless against the evil forces that seek to destroy her son – but there is One who is not helpless.

From one of my favorite authors comes another riveting adventure with a fascinating ancient setting. T. L. Higley has a gift for recreating cultures and places with amazing detail that makes us feel as though we’re walking ancient streets with the characters. She uses that gift expertly in Petra, City in Stone. I devoured this gripping and triumphant story in a single sitting, though I gave up most of a night’s sleep to finish. That’s okay. It was well worth the sacrifice.

The author’s website is well worth checking out. She’s done some amazing research for this book and her others, and she shares it on her website in fascinating detail. Click over to and plan to spend some time looking around.

Take a moment to watch the video trailer for Petra:

Thanks so much to the publisher and to FIRST Wild Card for providing a review copy of this book