Book Review - The Pastor's Wife

The Pastor's Wife

By Jennifer AlLee

When Maura Sullivan is named as a beneficiary in an elderly lady's will, she must return to the small Ohio town she ran away from six years before. Not only that, but she must actually live with her estranged husband for six months before she can claim the beautiful old theater that just might provide the livelihood she's been searching for. Nick is the pastor of a very controlling and needy congregation, and Maura has no desire to resume her competition with them for his attention. Besides, if she gives in to her returning feelings for Nick, she'll have to confess the terrible reason she left him without a word six years before.

The Pastor’s Wife is a delightful and well-written romance novel. The story unfolded at a satisfying pace, and author Jennifer AlLee drew out the secret of the reason for Maura’s desertion skillfully – I never felt like she was being purposefully deceptive, and I was compelled to keep reading to discover the secret. The characters are likable people, with enough conflict to make them realistic. I absolutely loved one of the secondary characters, a no-nonsense youth pastor with a heart for teens. She brought back vivid memories of my own youth group days, and a young seminary student who served as my youth pastor for a year – outspoken, a little sassy, and absolutely loving in the brusque way teens can relate to. Readers who enjoy clean romance novels will not want to miss The Pastor’s Wife.