Some Great Books Going Out of Print

I heard some news the other day that I wanted to pass along. Several of my favorite authors were informed that some of their books are being taken out of print. Now, this is not unusual at all in the publishing industry. It isn’t a reflection on the book’s quality – the decision is a business move by the publisher, and can be done for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s due to the market for that particular style of book. Or perhaps the publisher needs the warehouse space for their newer releases. Four of my books are out of print because that publisher prints a specified number of copies, and rarely does reprints. Whatever the reason, when the copies that have already been printed are gone, the book will no longer be available for purchase.

Even though I know it’s not unusual for books to go out of print, I was kind of sad about some of these. I really enjoyed them, and I frequently recommend them to people who enjoy Christian novels. So I’d like to give these books one more plug, and give you one more opportunity to read them:

Sharon Hinck’s Sword of Lyric Series will keep a place of honor at the top of my list of favorite Christian fantasy novels – all three of them. I first read them when Sharon asked if I’d consider writing an endorsement for the second in the series. I figured I’d better read book one as well, and was entranced. These books have been finalists for some of the most prestigious awards in Christian fiction, and have won several times. This is not-to-be-missed Christian fantasy at its absolute best: The Restorer, The Restorer’s Son, and The Restorer’s Journey.

I’d never heard of Tosca Lee when I received a preview copy of her debut novel, Demon, a Memoir. I’m not fond of demon books as a rule, so I picked up the book with a bit of trepidation. Folks, I was blown away by this story. The writing is nothing short of beautiful, and the story is so unique and so captivating that I literally could not put the book down. It has forever changed the way I envision the Biblical creation story. This is one you will want to own, so don’t miss the opportunity to buy it while it’s still available.

When I read Sharon K. Souza’s debut novel, Every Good and Perfect Gift, I had met Sharon only briefly at a conference a few months before. I was so impressed with her writing and the depth of her storytelling ability. When I sent her an email telling her how much I enjoyed the book, she invited me to read the manuscript for her second book, Lying on Sunday, for a possible endorsement. I loved it! Sharon’s writing style is beautiful, and her stories are rich and full of heartbreaking candor.

From one book lover to another, take my word for it: you don’t want to miss these books. I encourage you to get ‘em while they last!