Book Review - Blue Like Play Dough

Book Review – Blue Like Play Dough: the Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God

By Tricia Goyer

Everything about this book is compelling: the title, the cover, and especially the memoir-style wisdom contained in its pages. Tricia Goyer is an awesome writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and her latest book is one of her best. By using her own life as an example, she guides us through the process of letting ourselves be molded by God. I didn’t feel like I was reading a book – I felt like I was spending some time with a friend, one who has been through some Stuff and come out on the other side a wiser, stronger, pliable tool of God. Tricia freely shares the ways God has pulled and stretched and pinched and pounded her into something that He could use to mother the children He has given her.

I recommend Blue Like Play Dough for everyone, whether you’re a mother or not. God doesn’t just mold moms – He molds each one of us into the shape that is best suited for His needs. And if we’re soft and pliable in His hands, He then pushes and pinches and stretches us into another useful shape, and then another, and then another. The lessons Tricia illustrates so personally and beautiful are motivating and encouraging to everyone who’s in the process of surrendering to the One who shapes us perfectly.

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