The Last Supper - The Bread

I'm preparing a talk to deliver at my church's Wednesday night communion service, so I decided to take a look at the account of the Last Supper for inspiration. From there, I did a little research about the Passover Seder meal, and discovered some cool things I didn’t know before. For instance ...

There are actually 3 loaves of bread included in the Seder meal. They sit in the center of the table as the people eat bitter herbs dipped in salt water to remind them of the bitterness and tears their ancestors suffered in slavery in Egypt. The leader breaks the first loaf, and then places half of it back on the table. The other part becomes what’s called the Afikomen.

Here’s the part I didn’t know. They take the Afikomen away from the table and hide it. Then after supper the children hunt for it, kind of like a treasure hunt. The child who finds it gets a special prize.

At my sister’s house, Santa Claus doesn’t leave gifts under the tree. Instead, he leaves a written clue. All the kids read the clue, written by Santa’s own hand, and answer a riddle, and that leads them to the next clue. This goes on for some time, an elaborate scavenger hunt that builds in intensity and excitement as the children get closer and closer. Finally, they follow the last clue and find their piles of gifts. What a fun tradition! I picture the search for the Afikomen like that, with children running and searching and squealing with laughter.

One thing occurred to me as I read about the treasure hunt for the Afikomen. Jesus identified Himself as the bread of life. And of course He instructed us to come to Him as a little child. How cool to think of myself searching for Him with as much excitement as a Jewish child searching for the Afikomen. I follow the clues laid out in the Bible and written on my heart by God’s own hand, my enthusiasm building as I uncover each one that draws me closer and closer to Him. And when I find Him – ah, what treasure is mine!

I uncovered a couple of other interesting things I didn’t know, but I’m going to save them for a future Journal entry. Why? Because I’m a lousy blogger, and that way I can stretch it out over several posts. :-)

Enjoy your search, my friends. May it lead to treasures beyond your imagination!