Book Review - Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead
by Bonnie Grove

I had the opportunity to read Bonnie Grove's novel, Talking to the Dead, several months before it was released. To say I was captivated is an understatement. This is the amazing story of a woman who is suffering from deep grief over the death of her husband. She might be able to move on with her life -- if he didn't keep talking to her.

Here's the endorsement I wrote:

In Talking to the Dead, Bonnie Grove takes readers on a vivid journey through the memories of a woman grieving for her late husband. We’re drawn into Kate’s life, gripped by the slowly unfolding drama that unravels her sometimes painful past and, more importantly, reveals the key to her future. A captivating, powerful story. I highly recommend it.

This is the well-written, compelling story of Kate's journey through grief, and you won't be able to put the book down until you see her step into the light on the other side.