Book Review - Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

by Chuck Black

Sir Dalton is a knight serving the Prince, Son of the King who rules the great Kingdom across the Sea. Sir Dalton's early training is conducted by a knight who plants seeds of doubt in his mind with his endless discussions of theory and very little practical training in combat. When Sir Dalton is captured by a powerful dark lord, he faces his own doubts and weakness.

In this thinly-veiled allegory of the Christian faith, the author presents many thought-provoking issues that Christians face today. Why do we believe? Can we articulate what we believe? Is the Bible (the Code, in Sir Dalton's world) real and applicable today, or was it only appropriate for the people living in the time in which it was written? And most importantly, what can we do when we want to believe, but deep inside, we have doubts that seem to zap the strength of our convictions?

This book would be terrific as a youth group discussion tool. The symbolism is obvious and easily discerned, and there are a set of extremely comprehensive discussion questions in the back, along with the author's answers to those questions.