Best Book Rating!

I received a fun email today. Murder at Eagle Summit, the second book in the Classical Trio series, has been given a "Best Book" review by Long and Short Reviews. I clicked over to the site, and the review of the book is great. The reviewer said the book kept her on the edge of her seat -- awesome! And she really enjoyed the historical element that surrounds Liz's family heirloom. That was one of my favorite parts, too. I've always been a British history enthusiast, so I was tickled to be able to use a tiny bit of it in a contemporary romantic suspense novel.

This book also runs a weekly contest to vote for the "best book." Mine appears to be the only inspirational title on this week's list, so if you have a minute and feel inclined, click over to this site and cast your book for CLEAN fiction! click here

If you'd like to read the entire review, it's here.